Info on Mental Illness and Coping

This page has articles in two sections, General Advice, information on Specific Diagnoses and Conditions.  Our Recommended Web Resources provide additional helpful information.

General Advice

Ambiguous Loss (PowerPoint; YouTube PowerPoint + audio, Part 1 and Part 2)
Caregiver Selfcare (PowerPoint)
Caring for the Whole Person: a Psychiatrist’s Perspective
Choosing the Right Mental Health Professional
Communicating with a Loved One Who Has a Mental Illness (PowerPoint or complete document)
Coping With Family Conflicts – Some Suggestions
Early and First Episode Psychosis – What is it and how should it be treated?
Estate Planning – More Than Just a Will
Frequently Asked Questions about Mental Health Services  (PowerPoint or complete document)
Helping Individuals with Mental Illness to Avoid or Deal with the Criminal Justice System (PowerPoint or complete document)
Housing Options for People Living with Mental Illness
How to Access Valuable Behavioral Services in PA: Consider Medical Assistance for a Child/Teen with Serious Disability
How to Get Services for Someone with Mental Illness (PowerPoint or complete document)
Mental Illness and Violence (YouTube video, PowerPoint PDF or PowerPoint with references and comments).
Pathways to Increasing Independence for Adults with Mental Illness
Planning for the Future of a Loved One with Mental Illness
Problem Solving as a Wellness Tool
Resources for Helping Teens with Mental Health Problems
Social Security Disability
Steps to Better Physical Health
Strategies for Helping Mentally Ill Loved Ones
What We Need to Know & Do – A Faith-Based African-American Perspective (PowerPoint)

Click the following links for additional information from NAMI National concerning treatment and recovery

Specific Diagnoses and Conditions

ADD in Adults (PowerPoint)
ADHD in Children  (PowerPoint or YouTube PowerPoint + audio)
Anxiety: Diagnoses, Treatments, and Suggestions for Dealing with Anxiety
Bipolar Disorder
Cognitive Therapy for the Treatment of Psychosis/Schizophrenia
Depression Spectrum
Dual Diagnosis
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

For additional information about specific diagnoses, go to NAMI National’s Mental Illnesses page.

For information about specific services in southeastern Philadelphia, please see:

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